We have advised on approximately one third of the installed wind power capacity in Sweden, Norway and Finland since 2007. By channeling over EUR 11 billion via new forms of capital to the market, we have played and are playing a productive role in the ongoing energy transition.

Today, the Nordics offer one of the world’s most dynamic renewable energy markets, free of subsidy dependence. Nordic projects have among the lowest cost of energy in Europe and are on the forefront of deploying the industry’s most modern onshore wind power technology.

Our latest transactions

Since 2007, we have advised on more than 75 transactions at an aggregate value in excess of EUR 11 billion. We pride ourselves on being the most active advisor in the Nordic market with an unparalleled track record of 14 closed transactions since 2021.

Sweden 2023

Honkajoki Wind Farm 21.6 MW

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